Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS)


Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS)

Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) (राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा जागरण मंच) had Conducted a dinner program on 30th June, 2019, in Hyderabad in which former chief secretaries, former DGPs, Adv Generals, entrepreneurs and we’ll known journalists had attended the dinner. A total of 35 people had attended the program in which Respected Indresh Kumar ji had guided the intellectual gathering to form two study groups in Hyderabad for following issues :-

1. No more Pakistan (Pakistan advancing towards breaking in to numerous pieces).
2. Integrated Bharat with Integrated Kashmir.

Res.Indresh Kumar ji categorically stated that Hyderabad was the center from where the partition of the country was initiated. And now it is the time that from Hyderabad itself reintegration of Bharat should start. For this purpose, the above 2 committees should be formed and work on strategies..

Following important dignitaries were present during the meet:-

1. Dinesh Reddy, Former DGP – Andhra Pradesh
2. Madhavi Latha, chairman – Virinchi Hospitals
3. Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Surgeon
4. Suryakala, Software employee
5. Sudharshan, Asst Prof – Osmania University
6. Prabhakar Yadav, Panchayat Raj convenor
7. Ramachandra Murthy, Editorial Director – Sakshi News
8. Dr. G. Suryanarayaa Rajiv’s
M.S, FRCS, FUICC, Head of Department of Surgical oncology NIMS
9. Satyaprasad, CEO – Meslova systems
10. Bhanu Prakash, Ex TTD Board member
11. Sudeesh Rambhatla, BJP Spokesperson – AP
12. Sattar, MRM
13. IVR Krishna Rao, Former Chief Secretary
14. Ravi Chavali, Nijam News and Media Website
15. JV Ramulu, Former DGP, AP
16.B. Krishnamohan
Assistant Solicitor General of India, High court of A.P

Some glimpses !!

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